The Neotenic Collection incorporates simple shapes, short thick members, soft edges, and a clumsy appearance. The resulting form appeals to our biological imperative to nurture — to see ourselves in our surroundings and cherish the childlike. The collection consists of four pieces - Lounge, Floor Light, Table Light, and Sconce.

Neotenic Lounge is a Finalist for Interior Design Magazine‘s 2018 NYCxDesign awards in the Residential Seating category.

Shown at Sight Unseen Offsite Selects from May 17-20, 2018.


In March 2019, Jumbo curated and designed a temporary design exhibition that showcases recent work from a variety of international furniture and lighting designers. The proposed objects were selected for their use of neoteny—the exaggeration of childlike features. These works are variously zoomorphic, cute, and pudgy.  Each is conceived as an object of affection—a design crafted specifically to elicit an emotional response in the viewer.
Shown at A/D/O from March 5-28, 2019.

Exhibition Photography by Sharon Radisch.
Still Life Photography by Pippa Drummond.


The Creature Comfort Collection continues the studio’s ongoing research into the science of affect — how physical objects make us feel. Designed in quarantine, the pieces from the collection - Fortune Chair, Sport Loveseat, Hung Mirror, Mop Lamp, and Squiggle Vessel - explore the tension between the physical and the digital, the real and the surreal.

Shown at Sight Unseen Offsite Online in May 2020.


The Squiggle Vessel looks just like it sounds. Designed to resemble an inchworm, the vessel can be used as a wine decanter, a pitcher, a watering can, or a vase. Released in an editioned series of 100, the Squiggle is cast in ceramic and glazed chartreuse, and measures at 10”h, 2”w, 8.5”l.  

Still Life Photography by Pippa Drummond.